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Our Mission

Pano strives to revolutionize the next generation of higher education

Centered around the concept of learning as a lifelong passion, our goal is to give students the tools needed to thrive in our curriculum and beyond. Our innovative platforms, data-driven analyses, and flexible approach allow us to create bespoke programs customized to each student. Through scholarships and community events, we connect with a wide range of communities in order to democratize access to quality education.

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A Message From our Founder

Pano Education is dedicated to building services that help you achieve more. Many companies will tell you that they know the shortcut, the ‘secret’, to getting into good colleges. But that is not what we do.
We want to help you get into better colleges by showing you how to become a better candidate, not just how to look like one. We will not teach you how to ‘hack’ the SAT; we will teach how to be a better critical thinker and how to properly study. We will not just give you a checklist of extracurriculars to complete; we will empower you to find your passion through project based learning with our partnered Professors and Internships.
Lastly, we will not just give you canned application essays to submit; we will teach you how to write thoughtful and reflective responses about yourself. It is a difficult, yet rewarding process. But, in the end, you will become the kind of student that top schools are looking for. You will get in to your dream school and, most importantly, thrive there. Through this method, hundreds of students have successfully been accepted into Top 30 Universities in the World as well as schools like the Ivy League. Our professional counselors, hailing from the most elite institutions, had undergone the process of becoming top candidates themselves years ago. Now, they are here to help you break through your limits and create a better future for yourself.

Andy Zhang, PANO Education Founder


  • Full-time consultant in Taiwan 

  • Graduated from top universities in US

  • Average teaching experience of more than five years 

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