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2024 SAT Class Overview|SAT Summer Class|New Digital SAT

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Benefits of the PANO SAT Course

📝 Efficient Preparation

Our team of outstanding instructors has created a carefully designed curriculum to help students quickly master SAT test-taking skills and get twice the results with half the effort.

📝 Comprehensive Coverage

Covering all major areas of the SAT, from reading comprehension, math, writing, and test-taking skills, the course provides seamless coverage, allowing you to prepare for the test without worry.

📝 Small Classes

We emphasize teacher-student interaction, so class sizes are limited to ensure that each student receives adequate attention and guidance.

📝 Customization

We tailor-make learning programs according to the level and needs of students, making your learning more efficient and targeted.

📝 Mock exams

We provide a large number of simulated questions to help you familiarize yourself with the examination question types and enhance your confidence in meeting the challenges.

Learning Gains

Improve Your Academic Skills

By taking the SAT, you'll have the opportunity to improve your math, reading, and writing skills and build a solid foundation for college.

Increase Competitiveness

Excellent SAT scores are the key to applying for the college or scholarship of your choice, and our program will help you stand out from the competition.

Open International Doors

SAT scores are recognized globally and are the gateway to the world's most prestigious universities, putting you on the international stage.

2024 Digital SAT Class Schedule

2024 Digital SAT (2 Weeks Class)

Two-Week 10-Day SAT Course + 4-Day Model Test Review Course / 5 - 6 model tests included

In person

​Monday – Friday

1-3 PM SAT English class

3-3:30 PM Vocabulary Focus

3:30-5 PM SAT questions type

5-6 PM SAT Math class


​Monday – Friday

9-11AM SAT English class

11AM-12PM SAT Math class

12-1 PM Break 1-3 PM SAT questions typ

Taichung June -Elite Session-

Taichung 6/3-6/14

Taichung June -Intensive Session-

Taichung 6/3-6/14

Summer June -Elite Session-

Dunhua|Tianmu|Kaohsiung|Online 6/10 - 6/21

Summer June -Intensive Session-

Dunhua|Tianmu 6/10 - 6/21

Summer July -Elite Session-

Dunhua|Tianmu|Hsinchu|Taichung|Online​ 7/1 - 7/12

Summer July -Intensive Session-

Dunhua|Tianmu|Taichung 7/1 - 7/12

Summer August -Elite Session-

Dunhua ​7/29 - 8/9

Summer August -Intensive Session-

Dunhua​ 7/29 - 8/9

2024 Digital SAT (4 Weeks Class)

4-Week 10-Day SAT Course + 12-Day Model Test Review with 13 - 15 Practice Tests

Week 1&2

1-3 PM SAT English class

3-3:30 PM Vocabulary Focus

3:30-5 PM SAT questions type

5-6 PM SAT Math class

Week 3&4

1 – 3:30 PM Mock Test

3:30 – 4 PM Break

4 – 6 PM Review clas

The PANO SAT Classes is offered during the summer months of each year.

A four-week SAT course is held around June-August.

​4 weeks(June)

Elite Session / Intensive Session

​Taipei 6/10 - 7/4

4 weeks(July) Elite Session / Intensive Session

​Taipei 7/1 - 7/25

4 weeks(August) Elite Session / Intensive Session

​Taipei 7/29 - 8/22

The Most Comprehensive SAT Course
​Small class size leads to better result

TOP and Native Speaker SAT Instructors


Harvard University


Yale University


UC Berkeley


Emory University

Digital SAT mock test and digital materials

1000+ online questions

Use our A.I. system analysis to most efficiently study weak points


- PANO Brilliant Results -

Produced the most 1500+ SAT scores ever

Progress Scores

Number of People

















2024 SAT Test/Registration Time

2024 SAT Test Date

August 24, 2024

October 5, 2024

November 2, 2024

December 7, 2024​

**Your registration options will be limited if you aren't taking the SAT for one of its main purposes.**


- How Our Students Say -

Tommy, IBSH

── SAT test score: 1590 ──

PANO’s SAT class benefited me. The teacher helped with the specific struggles each student was facing; when I struggled with time management, he taught simple yet effective strategies that helped drastically reduce the time I spent on each reading passage. He would point to the previous exams and teach us how the tests were designed for us to better tackle the SAT.


Monica C., Kang Chiao International School

── SAT test score: 1170 to 1490 ──

Before I joined PANO’s SAT program, I suffered from always getting pretty low scores, and I was devastated. However, upon enrolling in PANO’s SAT program, I learned ways to improve not only my SAT score, but also my English abilities. My SAT English score went up by more than 200 points! I saw a huge improvement in the grammar section after the grammar lessons and the practice problems that we went through with PANO’s teacher. I also found myself reading much faster than before, and I can get the key points easily.


Jane, Taipei American School

── SAT test score: 1430 to 1550 ──

The course was really helpful! The teacher was humorous and the course content was practical. They taught us how to read quickly, tackle difficult math problems, and exam strategies. Through these courses, my SAT score improved by 120 points!


Amanda, Kang Chiao International School

── SAT test score: 1310 to 1490 ──

The teacher not only explained the methods for solving problems but also provided many practical exercises. The course content was rich, and I learned many exam skills. Through these courses, my SAT score improved by 180 points! Thank you PANO!


Yvette, Fuxing Experimental High School

── SAT test score: 1390 to 1550 ──

The teacher would break down the reading questions into many different directions, which was very helpful for my problem-solving. My overall score improved by 160 points!


Alex, Tainan Experimental High School

── SAT test score: 1350 to 1580 ──

Joining PANO’s SAT course was one of the wisest choices I have made! The teachers were very friendly and professional. They not only taught us many skills and strategies but also helped me improve my SAT score by 230 points! I am very grateful for PANO’s help!


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