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Deferred? 下一步怎麼做?完整信件範例參閱


“Deferred” 是什麼意思?

透過「提早申請」管道 (Early Decision, ED or Early Action, EA),通常會有三種結果:錄取(accepted)、拒絕(denied)、延後決定(deferred)。收到「延後決定」的結果,對大部分的學生來說都相當煎熬。

「延後決定」通常是大學想要將EA/ED 學生的申請資料與RD學生的申請資料再去進行審查評估。收到deferral 不代表被學校拒絕,「如果你被deferred,代表你的申請資料是相對出眾的,且大學招生官願意再次審慎評估你的文件。」

耶魯大學招生處Hannah Mendlowitz說。

“If you were deferred it means your application is strong enough to continue to be seriously considered by the admissions committee,” explains Hannah Mendlowitz, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Yale University, in the Yale admissions blog.

但收到deferral 後,也需要做出一些補強,以在常規階段(Regular Decision, RD)中提高自己錄取的機率。

收到Deferred 需要做哪些補強?
  • 提供補充資料,彌補申請資料上的不足


  • 展現熱忱,表達欲錄取決心


  • 額外繳交另一封推薦信


Dear Admissions Committee,

Element 1: introduction (also include, your full name and applicant ID if applicable) I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my application. Though my Early Decision application was deferred, I’m grateful for the opportunity to still be considered, and I’m still sure that Massachusetts Institute of Technology is where I want to start the next chapter of my life.

Element 2: academic Updates I would like to take this chance to update you on my accomplishments since I applied. In the first semester of senior year, I received A’s in all my courses enrolled, including A+’s in AP Calculus BC and AP Physics. Furthermore, I have been nominated Cum Laude by my school’s academic office.

Element 3: updates to extracurriculars previously mentioned in application Since last November, I have made substantial progress on enrolling in an online course offered by Harvard Medical School: Immunology and Pharmacology, through which I gained insights into intricate interactions between chemicals and organisms, allowing me to design better materials. In my lab, I extended my research on biocompatible porous materials by encapsulating different combinations of enzymes and bacteria. I also completed courses in Python and Java on Udemy. In result, I learned how to transform a preliminary idea into tangible research, going further on my path as an aspiring research scientist.

Continued: updates to new extracurricular activities This winter is crucial to me and to all Taiwanese high school students because we will be taking the College Entrance Exam. I have dedicated much of my time and effort to it. However, I will still continue many of the activities I have engaged with throughout high school. In addition, through the internship program in iWavenology, I am currently conducting a project concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, using my biological knowledge to research virus sterilization by using autonomous vehicles with ultraviolet light. These results have already been submitted to the academic journal IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. I will also contribute my research results on brain injury and ultra-wide-band to the club and hold more seminars. This winter will surely be busy, yet rewarding.

Element 4: connect more with the university Furthermore, I explored MIT’s website and campus on Google Maps last week, stumbling upon the Mocha Moves and various dancing events. Naturally, it reminded me of my interview and our talk about on-campus opportunities like the MIT’s dance community. Spaces and organizations like these would allow me to pursue my love for cinematography and dancing even as a STEM major. The thought of being able to immerse myself in an environment that shares my passion is definitely something I strive for. Thank you again for reviewing my application, and I hope to get the chance to bring my cheer and energy to MIT.


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